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Murdered Abroad

Murdered Abroad

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Murdered Abroad exists especially for people in the UK whose loved ones are the victims of murder or manslaughter overseas. Murdered Abroad is run by volunteers, all of whom have been bereaved by a homicide abroad.

Peer Support

Murdered Abroad was established in 2001.  Our strength lies in regular contact via the Helpline/or email contact and our members getting together at *quarterly regional meetings.  Speaking to others who have experienced a similar tragedy alleviates much of the isolation that families feel following a homicide abroad.  Meetings allow the exchange of ideas and experiences whilst supporting each other.  Membership is free and confidential.  We also operate a dedicated telephone support Helpline.  

*During the pandemic our meetings are held virtually but as soon as the coronavirus restrictions are lifted these meetings will be held in regional venues.

Few victims' families or friends have ever previously experienced dealing with the statutory agencies either here in the UK, i.e. Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO), Police in England & Wales, or Coroners/Coroners' Officers in England and Wales or abroad.  Having to deal with foreign legal and judicial systems, police, language and cultural problems all at the same time as coping with the most extreme personal grief and possible financial difficulties.  Distance, time differences, communication delays and inadequate communication channels all add to the intolerable burden on families.  The practical information, guidance and peer support that we provide in the weeks, months and years following a death, all help our members' families cope and survive their traumatic loss.

Our Campaigning

Over the last 20 years we have engaged with all the relevant statutory agencies, FCO, ACPO, UK Police, MOJ, Coroners, and individual Parliamentarians about the problems our members are facing. Our campaigning has been successful.

We submitted proposals into the Coronial Reform consultation, successfully opposing the removal of mandatory inquests when a British national has been murdered abroad and the victim's body is repatriated.

With the help of Lord Falconer and our lawyers, in 2012 we were instrumental in the development of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)** that puts in place basic best practice.  In 2020, after years of discussions, the MoU has been updated and signed off by the NPCC (on behalf of Police in England & Wales), the FCDO, and the Chief Coroner's Office.

In 2014, we proposed to the Foreign Affairs Select Committee that the FCDO set up a specialist Homicide Unit and in 2015 the dedicated Murder and Manslaughter Team was established in the FCDO.

Murdered Abroad has also responded to the MoJ's consultation on the Victims' Code of Practice and Homicides Abroad have now been included in the recently published MoJ Code of Practice for Victims of Crime in England and Wales."